Frustrated with Surfline? Lost faith in Swellnet? Willy Weather too wide of the mark? Don’t worry Kman has got you covered. At least if you live in Sydney’s east.
Tapping into a new musical genre, which might be termed 'Covid Blues', Kman has taken to song in order to deliver Bondi regulars a daily surf report with a difference.
Kman’s creative process is pure genius. He backs his van into the beachside car-park, opens the trunk, and takes in the view of the one km stretch that is dotted with random peaks. As his eyes dance left and right, in search of lyrical inspiration, he reaches for his acoustic guitar and launches into an improvised tune that covers everything from tidal movements to local surfer shout-outs and real-time tubes. Given Kman’s beachside perspective his report is also incredibly accurate.
Local surfers seeking a meaningful diversion from the lockdown, in addition to reliable surfing information, have started tuning in, and the Kman is rapidly developing a cult following.
It’s worth noting that Kman (real name Karim Moulay) is not a surfing novice. The lanky goofy footer with the wild-eyed grin has been shredding the eastern beaches for decades. These days he prefers to get his work in the water done on one of his own handshapes. Between high-line speed runs on his twinnies and daily surf reports in song, he stays busy by doing handyman jobs and skateboarding.
Perhaps Kman’s musical antics will inspire other sonic surf reports around the globe, but either way surfers in Sydney’s eastern beaches will be hanging out for Kman’s next report to drop.
Kman kicking back at the office.