1.Kirstin Scholtz


Surf photography is arguably a sport in itself and to use sporting terms this chick is the master, the John John Florence to Kelly Slater, the Le-Bron James to Michael Jordan. Apprenticed to digital pioneer, Pierre Tostee, South African born Scholtz evolved to shoot the women’s tour and was swiftly promoted to the men’s. Some of her most prolific work came on one of surfing’s day of days – Code Red in Tahiti. In a Herald Sun interview Scholtz said, “To witness such a spectacle of Mother Nature, while at the same time risking your life being out there, was something I will never forget.”

Mid-heat stand-tall with Teahupoo providing the round framing. Photo: Scholtz


And just to be cheeky, here’s one of my shots of the eternal grom, Taj Burrow, frothin’ on his checker-bottomed foamie. @__hannahanderson

Taj Burrow cruising at Tamarama. Photo: Hannah Anderson