Dawn has come in Bali and the bloodshot eyes of the WSL roadies have begun packing up the parade. The Indo leg of the self proclaimed ‘Dream Tour’ has been nothing short of brilliant for the brand, with back-to-back pumping waves on both sides of the island for the top surfers on the planet.

One must also congratulate the hard-working WSL production team for their behind the scenes toil, what is the WSl without the face of its mostly brilliant commentary team?

The circus would be laughable without the characters that create it, and leading that charge is Strider (Rasberry) Wasilewski. Everyone knows Strider as one of the sometimes repetitive, but always excited and entertaining voices of the WSL. possibly the luckiest (bar Rosie Hodge) of the bunch, as he often gets to enjoy the action from the line-up. This position often leaves Strider sitting out the back in empty pumping waves, and from time to time we have all enjoyed watching him sneak a wave in the WSL commentary costume.

But, this shall be no more! The WSL production director has repeatedly banned the voice of surfing from surfing himself! In fact, we had word that during the Keramas semi between Mikey Wright and Michel Bourez the dastardly director demanded to rewind the footage from all cameras to see if Strider had caught a wave between heats! One would think that the heat on hand would be more pressing?

We all remember the forlorn figure Strider cut in the polar the Founder’s Cup with no waves to ride, So we say, quit it suit! Let the surf fans see Strider get a wave! Because who doesn’t want to see a ginger wearing the WSL fat suit get pitted? Let Strider surf! #letstridersurf