Right now Pipeline is streaming live from the Volcom House. Red Bull has partnered up with Volcom to engineer The Truman show of surfing, a day of unadulterated Pipeline action featuring some of the best surfers in the world.

According to Red Bull press:

“No pundits, no heats, no nonsense. Just pure freesurfing at Backdoor and Pipeline with an all-star lineup of surfers live streamed from the Volcom houses. Go between three cameras capturing all the action as it unfolds, from the deck, yard, and beach. This is as close to the sessions as you can be without getting wet.”

The best waves are replayed during the lulls – void of any annoying commentary. Raw and uncut, just how we like it. At time of writing I saw Mason Ho get absolutely vaporised trying to escape a guillotine lip.

So, are Red Bull laughing in the face of the WSL at their two-week waiting period, 34-man CT, 11-event schedule? A livestream of Pipeline on one of the days of the winter certainly warms the cockles of our heart.

Will this become the new norm, an antidote to those who cry foul at a sports “league” with rules, regulations and Mother Nature not always wanting to play ball?

Where would you like to see Volcom/Red Bull’s next expression session go down? How about Teahupoo, Cloudbreak or Jaws?

Until then, sit back and enjoy the show live here.