The Region

Shrouded in the shadow of the mountain, Krui lays somewhat mystical and unknown to the masses. Those brave enough to travel the distance will be rewarded with many secret treasures and gifts. Even in peak season one can break away from the pack and score a solo session. From hidden reefs and secret peaks to playful points and open beaches, South Sumatra offers options for everyone, all the way from grommies to seasoned pros.

The Resort

Luxury Sumatra is situated right in front of one of the best and longest waves in the region, Ujung Bocur. It's optimally positioned to ensure that you are the first in and last out, getting the best surf that South Sumatra has to offer. Luxury Sumatra is home to four spacious double cottages. Each bungalow is an entirely separate residence, completely detached on all sides for added privacy and security. All bungalows are newly constructed from local hardwoods and the highest quality materials.

The Package

Your comfort and well-being is the first priority at Luxury Sumatra, and we┬┤ll do everything to make your stay the vacation you dreamt about. The food is fantastic, the drinks are cold and Luxury Sumatra is truly a special place for so many different reasons. They cater for both independent or guided travellers with a range of different packages. 10 nights from $800 USD

Luxury Sumatra

Karang Nyimbor, South Sumatra