A local man, reported to be in his 50’s, has been killed by a shark while bodyboarding at Broome’s Cable Beach in Western Australia’s north. A beach more known for the dangers posed by Salt Water Crocs and Box Jellyfish rather than sharks.

The attack happened while the man was roughly 40 metres from shore. A couple swimming nearby noticed the attack and they bravely swam to the man’s aid and took him to shore.

The victim's wife is believed to have called for an ambulance, which rushed the man to hospital, but despite their best efforts, he couldn’t be saved.

It is also reported that the shark, estimated to be between three to four metres long, remained in the shallows near the attack site for half-an-hour. The water was murky, so the species has not been identified. Local police also fired upon the shark while it remained in the area, but it was not hit.

The attack comes just six weeks after Esperance surfer Andrew Sharpe was taken by a shark while surfing at Kelp Beds beach.

According to Taronga Zoo’s ‘Australian Shark Attack File’, The Broome attack was the 22nd reported attack of the year nationally, of which seven have been fatal. State-wise, NSW sits atop the grim tally having had eight attacks in total - two fatalities, four that left the victims injured, and two in which the victims escaped unscathed.