It sounds like some kind of crazy co-lab between fibreglass and high-finance, but it might be one of the most original concepts to enter the surfing bubble for a long time.

In a bid to expand his already successful business, Darren Handley, shaper for Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore, is offering equity in his company to anyone who wants to get in. Handley has signed a partnership with equity crowd-funding firm, Equitise. According to Sophie Moss from Equitise, equity crowdfunding, “Is like Kickstarter but instead of rewards, investors actually get equity in the business so they stand to profit if the company does well.”

The DHD Dream Team

Certainly the spiel on Darren’s website reads like a polished pitch to prospective investors rather than a shaping bay yarn with a customer. “In the last four years, the company has achieved considerable growth and attracted talented management that are focused on brand positioning and amplifying distribution channels. International sales represent 35% of revenue and with the introduction of EPS surfboards, DHD is well placed to increase this share. The company has also acquired the iconic Modom brand.” 

Darren will be in Sydney tomorrow night to talk foam and finance. If you would like to attend the casual event you can register here.


Mick Fanning investing in some serious rail work aboard one of his beloved DHD's.