Keramas: 9

Offered power, progression and a pool. Made the Surf Ranch look outdated and gave every surfer a chance to surf to their strengths. 

Italo Ferreira: 10

Surely the WSL have to launch an Italo doll, one that carves, launches and dances upon request. Rarely have we seen a surfer so genuinely enjoying himself, putting surfing first and everything else second. Once dubbed the “hairy spark plug” this post Bells follow up now makes him favorite for the World Title. 

Michel Bourez: 8.5

When the Tahitian isn’t over-egging his turns and finds the right board to get the perfect rhythm to power ratio, he sure does sing a sweet tune. Way more technical than people realize. Back in the top 5, where he belongs. 

Michel and his magic stick were singing a beautiful harmony at Keramas. WSL/Cestari

Jordy Smith: 8.5  

6 points for mistake-free, clean-lined, power-surfing, 1.5 for his paddle battle with Gabriel Medina and another point for his post heat interview. “I stuck that air then went straight into a paddle battle and that’s when I really fired up. He pulled my leg once and I was like, ‘Okay that’s an accident.’  Then he pulled my arms twice and I thought that’s deliberate, and I was like, ‘Put em up boiiii, let’s go.'’’  Remind you of anyone (see below)? 

Gabriel Medina: 6

Drew Jordy Smith into his dark web, only to get eaten by the big South African Tse Tse Fly. For all his love of a paddle battle, they actually don’t seem to work too often. Ranged between effective and electric, yet always unlikeable. 

Mikey Wright 8:

Not sure how Mikey Wright channeled his inner Damien Hardman, but he made the Semifinals primarily through mistake free, meat and veg surfing. Up to the 12th in the ratings, and still has Uluwatu to come. How about we give all the ratings leaders a break and give Mikey a seed and not a wildcard slot? 

Mikey, the wildcard fans love and competitors dread. WSL/Cestari

Owen Wright: 6

The brother of Mikey must be enjoying being out of the limelight and never having to talk about his noggin or his journey. If he keeps surfing within himself, that could continue for a while. 

Julian Wilson: 6

Is Julian Wilson the new Taj Burrow? One of the world’s most electric and personable surfers that is destined to always be in World Title contention, but never win? With John John out of the race, Kelly goosing himself, Fanning retired and Smith off to a slow start, he might never have a better chance than this year. Australia’s only hope though will need to a) avoid Mikey Wright and b) strike back at Ulus. 

Griffin Colapinto: 9

Remember being 19 in Bali? The mushrooms, the fingering, the moped accidents, the hungover Ulus surfs, the jam jars, Impossibles with your mates, the time of your life. Colapinto is doing all that, and making the best surfers in the world look staid. He talked of future world titles. And so he should.  

Connor O’Leary: 3

Last year’s rookie of the year has come back to earth with a thud. The second difficult album has struck and he’s won two heats all year. Anyone remember Jet’s sophomore effort Shine On? Thought so.