Cooper_Chapman_Mondayitis_660 Cooper Chapman does his best to "kick a hole in the sky". Wow, man. Pic:

Today's Mondayitis: North Narrabeen's next Cooper Chapman hits the wah-wah pedal and attempts to "kick a hole in the (Western Australian) sky".

When will it end? When will North Narrabeen stop producing world class surfers? Never. That's when. The joint is a breeding ground for surfing excellence. The wave has mood's and sand-shifts that offer regulars all manner of conditions in which to surf. Challenging windy rights, long hollow lefts, big outside burgers and short spitting death pits. All these can be found at the one end of a very long beach on the Northern Beaches of Australia's busiest city, Sydney.

Then there's the crowd. Catching a wave at Northy (alone) can be a tough ask, and so it should. It's a famous spot that perhaps is the most consistent swell magnet in a highly populated area.

It's little wonder that when young up-and-coming tour surfer Cooper Chapman found a bit of freedom in the surf rich Margaret River area of Western Australia he turned the amp up to 11 and got all psychedelically high.

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