The double-hand-drag, a stalling technique used by some of the world's best tube-riders.


Jordy Lawler, Southy, NSW. Pic:

Today's Mondayitis: Like hundreds of other Australian hot rats 17-year-old Jordy Lawler is striving for that elusive dream of being paid to surf. Big dreams. Regardless of whether the young North Narrabeen goofy archives that ultimate goal or not it’s insignificant for the moment this photo was taken. And that's why we love it. The double-hand-drag is a stalling technique expertly used by some of the world's best tube-riders. It's a go-to method that offers heightened control over board speed. Sometimes though, it's simply a necessary means of tube riding survival. Picture this; you've taken off late, dropped down the face like a penny from a skyscraper and so you instinctively throw everything overboard in a last ditch effort to catch that inside edge and level off inside the tube... What a magical moment.

Pure surfing.

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