Now in its fifth year the Mullet Pro has become a counter-culture highlight of the annual surfing calendar. Ridiculous outfits are expected, while nudity is encouraged and the only real rule is ensuring that you have a foam board beneath your feet. The Mullet Pro is the antithesis of a WSL event and participants take having fun very seriously.

This year Mick Fanning surfboards have come on as a sponsor. The MF boards will be pin-balling all over Sydney’s Tamarama as the colourful competitors negotiate the rock-fringed cove, which is widely considered the Pipeline of foam board surfing.

The feel good event was founded by Earl Weir after mental health issues ultimately resulted in the death of a good, surfing buddy. Earl started the event, in conjunction with charity group OneWave, to raise awareness about mental health issues and ensure there was an annual festival guaranteed to raise the spirits of all involved.

The Mullet Pro concept has now gone mobile with similar contests hosted in Victoria and Bali. Last week Danny Dal Sutton became the back to back winner of the Victorian event. Meanwhile this weekend’s premiere event at Tamarama is expected to be a hard fought battle between past champions Pama Davies and Perth Standlick. The smart money is on a dead heat, which means there is only one way to decide the winner ­– a dance off.

If you are in Sydney on Saturday  get down to Tamarama to check out the eclectic action at one of the most unique surfing events in the world.

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