Ocean Alley are a solid sonic wall of psych infused reggae. Easy listening with a touch of rock. They have just unveiled their new single ‘Holiday’ lifted from their forthcoming debut album ‘Lost Tropics’ (due April 2016). Tracks thought we’d have a chat before things get too hectic touring their debut album in the latter half of the year.

Tracks: How did you all meet?

Ocean Alley: Some of the guys went to school together and the rest of us met through mutual friends. We all had similar interests so I guess that brought us together too.

Tracks: Describe the Northern Beaches to the punters not familiar with the area of Sydney.

Well the Northern Beaches is a pretty nice and laid back area. It's got some pretty epic beaches that can pump if the swell's up. It also has a fair amount of bush land and a few waterfalls if you know where to find them. I don’t know how long we’ll last here though as the price of living is pretty high. Maybe we’ll mooch off our parents for a bit longer.

Tracks: Does everyone surf and does it stop you from being productive in the sheds?

Yeah everyone in the band surfs. I think it probably helps a bit with productivity ... everyone is normally feeling refreshed and more creative after getting salty.

Tracks: What’s an average band practice for Ocean Alley entail?

Usually a lot of pointless banter and goofing around with a few cold beers. Sometimes we get stuck in a 20 minute jam and by the end of it no one remembers what they were playing, sometimes it sounds good ... I think.

Tracks: Where does the reggae/psych infusion come from, what influences?

It all started out with us liking the general groove of reggae/dub music but we were also really into the more fuzzed out psych bands like [Pink] Floyd and [Jimi] Hendrix, so we pulled those two together and I guess that's helped us build our sound.

Tracks: Favourite surf film soundtracks?

Probably have to be the Morning of the Earth soundtrack & also the Innermost Limits to Pure fun by Farm.

Tracks: What is Ocean Alley’s motto?

You only feel as good as you feel!

Catch up to speed with the fellas herehttps://www.facebook.com/oceanalleyband/?fref=ts