1. Team O’Neill in a Whole Lotta Rubber

A glorified wetsuit ad yes but who are we to argue with the calibre of footage. Remember Jordy’s alley oop lighting up your Instagram feed earlier this week? Watch it again in high def. Plus more from Corey Lopez and the gang.

2. Watch the trailer to Volcom’s Psychic Migrations

Volcom, boasting some of the most exciting surfers to ever lay feet on fibreglass, have released a preview of their upcoming film Psychic Migrations by Ryan Thomas. Due out in September it’s sprinkled with gold and stars Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Alex Gray, Mitch Coleborn, Parker Coffin and more.

3. Swell of the Century Part Two

More footage emerged this week from the much-hyped “swell of the decade” that lit up Indonesia in June. Featuring Jean Da Silva, Guto Amorim, Franklin Serpa, Paulo Moura, Kailani Jabour, this is a barrel fest straight outta Kandui...

4. Shane Dorian’s Plate Lunch

Hands down the clip of the week. 43 years young and still tearing the bag, Shane Dorian continues to prove why he’s regarded as one of the best surfers in the world. Don't you slow down you sly fox.

5. John John Florence Versus Gabriel Medina at Teahupoo

OK, plenty of hyperbole surrounding this one but it’s up there with one of the heats of 2015. Six nine-pointers, John John back in a jersey and Gabe showing signs of his lethal world title form. Now let’s just hope that the swell jacks for finals day and we see a repeat of last year’s conditions to sound it out the event.