In the first round, the heats featured a number of aussies and good waves.

Heat 1 saw Sally Fitzgibbons (9.70) finishing behind American Sage Erickon (13.03) and Frenchwoman Johanne Defay (11.90).

The second heat fared better for the aussies with Bronte Macauley finishing on top with 15.43.

The third heat featured no aussies but the fourth was an aussie feast with Steph Gilmore, Nikki Van Dijk and Macy Callaghan lining up against eachother.

It was Gilmore who rode the best waves scoring 14.24, with Van Dijk on 13.67 and Callaghan finishing with 8.90.

Keely Andrew was the final aussie surfer, featuring in the fifth heat against Brazilian Tatiana Weston-Webb and American Courtney Conlogue. Andrew scored two great waves 6.83 and 7.57 but her 14.40 score wasn't enough to put her at the top.

With the heat winners heading straight to round 3, round two saw a few aussies surfing off in to avoid elimination.

American Coco Ho (15.50) scored a huge 9.00 first wave and defeated Sally Fitzgibbons (14.10) in the second heat of round 2.

Callaghan (12.26) also suffered a defeat, going down to Defay (14.67).

The final heat of round two was another all aussie encounter with Van Dijk (11.00) and Andrew (10.33) dueling it out with Van Dijk taking the honours.

Round 3 starts today at 3:30pm AEST and is broadcast live on WSL Facebook.