Otis Carey now resides on the northern beaches. You probably already knew that but if not, there you go. Hence why he's seen here busting the fins somewhere along the peninsula beautifully captured by photographer, Mark Onorati. There are flashes of Ozzie Wright throughout Otis's surfing and persona; the punk, the artist, the skater and we love it. Surfing needs more creative misfits to dilute the olympic-esque competitive surfing sphere. Here's what shooter Mark Onorati recalled of this session.

"Banana pancakes, blueberry smoothies & home made cupcakes with 'YOLO' written in the icing served to me by a beautiful dark haired lady were my fondest recollection of this shoot. A mutual friend, Steds, had moved into a new home, this is part of the view from his house. While the boys went down for a surf I stayed up at the house. It's a beautiful home; peaceful & quiet, only a gentle breeze whispering through the trees & every so often there's a pretty face offering you something delicious to eat or drink. Oh, & I took a couple of photos while I was there as well...

I guess this picture that I've just painted is what everyone else imagines a surf photographers average day is like, you know what ... it's what all surf photographers wish their day is like (it's usually the exact opposite). Otis' nutty backhand punt is framed in the crook of an old gum tree that sits in the front yard. The beautiful & talented girl was called Kym."

Photo: Mark Onorati