Can’t walk for two months? Can’t go in the water for three? Bullshit. Photos here…

Parko does his best impression of someone running... on one foot. Then splash!

That’s right the former world number two is back in the drink… and loving it! Yes, he’s far from getting up on a board (sorry) but at least he’s off the couch. Leaving the TV remote control behind and hobbling his way down the beach a welcome respite and something that made the unlucky Queenslander real happy, "I had forgotten how good salt water feels on your skin", He told Tracks’s man on the ground, photographer Simon Williams. It was Parko’s first time in the water since he did severe nerve damage to his heal five weeks ago on an unforgiving Snapper Rocks grinder [pictured below]. While he still has a long way to go, Parko has his sights firmly on the future – number one goal? Win the Triple Crown in Hawaii (for the second year running).

Beware the wounded soldier I say.

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Parko enters the arena, goes straight on one and then, then swings left into a rifling pit! And the crowd goes wild...


The offending wave that maimed Parko's 2010 world title hopes.