What’s your favourite surf movie or clip and why?

Searching for Tom Curren and the Tom Curren section from the Lost movie 5’5” by 191/4 changed my life.

Oliver Stone approaches you to make a movie about your life. What would the movie be called? Who plays you?

Heath Ledger would play me if he was alive, or someone crazy looking like me. I don’t know what I would call it though.

The line you live by?

Why try and fit in when you were born to stand out!

Favourite downtime distractions

Working on my equipment. Hanging with my wife (Lyndall) Braaing (BBQing) with friends. Shopping online for shoes to feed my sneaker addiction.

What’s playing on your headphones before you paddle out for a heat?

Anything that gets me pumped. It changes all the time.

The surfer you least like surfing a heat against on tour and why?

No one, everyone’s good.

You can choose one wave [it’s perfect] and one surfer to ride it with you for a day? Where and who?

J-Bay and my Dad, Graham Smith … just us out.

Something you once read that changed the way you look at things or really resonated with you?  [book, magazine, web-post, comic, whatever]

Reading? Have you heard of TV?

Other than your parents who has been the most influential person in your life and why? 

My wife, cause she makes me a better person. She makes me wanna do better.

Your proudest moment outside of surfing

Marrying my best friend

Do you have any superstitions – particularly pre-heat ones? 


If you weren’t surfing what would you ideally be doing?

Shaping boards

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