Looking for something to sink your teeth into in these lowly times of no sport and zero global swell chasing?

Carissa Moore’s new doco RISS. A Film About More Love with Carissa Kainani Moore is set to premiere for free on Refinery 29’s Facebook page on May 7.

The film focuses on the likable Hawaiian’s journey to her fourth world title in 2019, after a number of years being out of contention. It was directed by South African filmmaker, Peter Hamblin, who made the cracking 2016 surf film Let’s Be Frank.

Hamblin talked extensively to variety.com about the making of the film and how he tried to portray Carissa in the film.

“My goal was to peel back the layers and show the person behind the athlete; to show the layers of Carissa’s personality. Everyone sees the athletic side of her, but I wanted to focus on the complexity of her character and what an inspiring force she is,” he said.

At 18, Carissa was the youngest ever surfer to win a world title. While she might not be as stylish as Steph, she’s arguably been the most radical female surfer on tour for the past 10 years. She’s also got a great voice. She’s also got great timing, considering she chose to take a year off tour this year right before the whole thing fell in a heap.

The 40-minute film screens here at 3 pm eastern standard time on Thursday, May 7. For Aussie viewers, that turns out to be 5 am on Friday, May 8. There’ll be a live Q&A session with Carissa straight after the premiere. The film will then be made available on-demand on Red Bull TV from Monday, May 11.