Big wave world tour surfers from around the world are flying into Oaxaca for the first event of the season. Big Wave World Tour Commissioner Mike Parson has given the green light for the Puerto Escondido Challenge to run either Sunday July 30th or Monday July 31st.

"We have been patiently waiting for Mother Nature to deliver the right swell, and we have one on the way,” said Mike Parsons in a press release this morning. “We expect surf in the 20-to-25 foot face range that will make for some spectacular surfing. This swell we are tracking is from a very good direction for Puerto that should make for some amazing tube rides. Based on the forecasts, we will keep both Sunday and Monday open as an option to run.”  

It will be the second time the event has run after South Africa’s Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker won the event in 2016. Unfortunately, Australian Jamie Mitchell has had to withdraw from the event after suffering a broken sternum in a wipeout at Puerto Escondido earlier this month.

“We are thrilled to be heading back to Puerto Escondido to start this year’s BWT season,” adds Parsons. “What’s unique about Puerto is how much power the wave has and how hollow it breaks. Unlike Pipeline or Teahupo’o, Puerto breaks on a very shallow sand bar that makes for some of the steepest drops of any wave in the world. We are excited to see this wave challenge the very best big wave surfers on the planet.”  

Here’s the 2017 invitee list:

Grant Baker
Pedro Calado
Greg Long
Jamie Mitchell
Billy Kemper
Nic Lamb
Will Skudin
João de Macedo
Cristian Merello
Kai Lenny
Makuakai Rothman
Nathan Florence
Francisco Porcella
Trevor Sven Carlson
Tom Lowe
Mark Healey
Damien Hobgood
Peter Mel
Jamel Corzo
Rogercin Ramirez
Angelo Lozano
Jose Ramirez
Coco Nogales
Oscar Moncada

Aaron Gold
Rusty Long