We’re now well and truly moving into autumn now. The temps are dropping, the leaves turning auburn and around the country steamers are being pulled from whatever nook and cranny they were stuffed into last year. And while winter thrills with waves, the novelty of pulling on a steamer soon wears thin.

That’s why it’s around this time a lot of Australian surfers begin planning their annual tropical escape. While it’s all too easy to jump on the flight to Bali, may we suggest you watch this clip and consider the Maldives as your destination of choice?

Within, Sean Holmes makes a compelling case for why you need to visit these pristine atolls as a matter of urgency – crystal clear water, perfect piping waves and very manageable crowds.

This clip came courtesy of the good folks at Perfect Wave Travel, so if you are interested in paying the Maldives a visit, head on over here, and they’ll be sure to hook you up.

Sean and the crew, stoked after another dreamy session.
Tiger striped perfection from above.
Fun for days.