The surfing year ended with a Brazilian bang as Medina scorched to a second World Title. Meanwhile elsewhere in the surfing world there was sharks, tsunamis, philosophy, fisticuffs, extreme localism. We take a look at the festive month through the words of its key players. 

“Medina possesses too much raw talent, too much ambition; too much competitive drive. In short, he’s just too good.” - The Ed sums up 2018’s best surfer. 


Feliz ano novo! ll Happy new year everyone 🙂

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“The lack of John John might add a slight asterisk and there might be a question over likability, but none over talent. He’s one of the best surfers ever. And he’s getting better. ” - The Pipe Match Ratings expands on the above. 

“I disagree with the decision, Kelly used and abused. He went to Fiji 20 feet during the Keramas event, stayed 3rd in the pool and did not go to France next week. This is the second consecutive year that he uses the same wave. Is it fair?” - Ciao Ibelli goes in all guns blazing against the GOAT on Instagram after missing out on the 2019 Wildcard spot. 

“Jordy’s niggling underscores were something that was witnessed enough times for it to be a subplot, but it never became blatant enough for it to jump into the limelight.” - (South African) Craig Jarvis reckons Jordy was undercooked by the judges all year. Do you agree? 

“I swam strong with my wife and grabbed the stairs and dragged us up the top. And that was when I saw the third wave and maybe I knew my luck was gone.” - Matt George recounts how Javanese Surfer Diki Zulfikar survived Indonesia’s latest devastating Tsunami. 

“But as the anger subsided, I began to reflect. Does surfing make me a worse person?” - Emily Brugman gets philosophical. 

“The question has been raised whether or not ignorance is bliss and you’d rather not know if there is a shark present. The drones are probably more likely to spot a shark before a surfer does at surface level.” - The Ed discusses sharks in Sydney following incredible footage of a great white hitting a school of salmon 100 metres off Tamarama. 

“I repudiate any and all acts of violence against me, or against any other living being. Nothing justifies the aggression I have received, so I feel obliged to take all reasonable steps to ensure that unfortunate events such as these do not recur, with me, or against any other athlete and / or person.” - Michael Rodrigues makes a statement following a fight with Tanner Hendrickson in Hawaii. 

“The Dunny Bowl at Maroubra? Protected by a bunch of bad-inked, tiny testicled pussies. Jakes Point? More friendly than a Christian camp after the GI cordial has been spiked with ecstasy.” - The most localized place on Earth is in fact Sentinel Island in the Adamans, where visitors are shot with bow and arrows by the local tribe. 

“We currently have to utilize local licensed premises such as taverns for functions and events, where junior members of the club are exposed to gambling, including poker machines and betting and it just isn't a family friendly environment, which the club strives to promote.” - The Sunshine Coast chapter of WindandSea Boardriders want to build their own clubhouse. And it’s a bloody good idea! 

“The friend of a well-known competitive sailor told Tracks this morning that John John will be part of a crew taking on the celebrated Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.”  - Okay, so the sources are slightly speculative, but it looks like John John is heading for Bass Straight (since proved correct).