Another big month in this addiction we call surfing. From Keramas to sharks and from guitars to offshore drilling we captured everything that went up, and down, in the surfing world in the last moon cycle. 

“You can’t let a hair in the salad ruin the whole salad.” - Jordy Smith goes all Grasshopper on the first day of the Margaret River Pro, referring to his loss in Bali. 

“Last year was a tough one, everywhere we were surfing, we were seeing sharks. This year, they've put in place more security — jet skis, drones and planes. I feel much more confident.” - Gabriel Medina is more at ease at Margarets in 2019. 

“The WSL sent me some merch, along with John John's Pipe Jersey from 2017, signed by John John. They also organised an event VIP pass for me at Bells this year where I happened to meet John John and thank him for the jersey! So I am so stoked!” - 2017 Fantasy Surf League winner Jase Davies finally gets some prizes and proves the WSL does have a heart. 

“Conner Coffin recently released an album of covers using a guitar. Many said his version were better than the original songs by Dylan, Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.” - We cover, rather sarcastically, guitars in the latest instalment of Surf Hobbies. 

“I can’t knowingly claim that there was no risk to the surfers, but I do know the waves were fun that morning and that it’s much easier to ignore a shark sighting if it’s pumping, the wind is offshore and the skies are blue.” - The Editor deals with the shark barrel moral conundrum. 

“I’m going to smash him.” - Kelly Slater, correctly, predicts the outcome of his Quarterfinal with Filipe Toledo at the Corona Bali Protected. 

“Both projects risked serious pollution, and would contribute to climate breakdown, risk life on this planet. So my advice is: always stay optimistic, and keep taking action, no matter what.” - Green’s Senator and Tassie surfer, Peter Whish-Wilson links his successful campaign against Gunns Pulp Mill and the current fight against Equinor’s Oil drills in the Bight. 

“It was close, really close, and the word out there is of a savage low-balling for the South African.”  -That would be the hair in the salad as Craig Jarvis reports on Jordy Smith’s exit at Keramas. 

“I’m full of adrenaline. I’m pumped up. It’s the first contest I’ve ever won and for it to be here in the final with all the boys, the local legends, to surf with them. I honestly can’t believe it I’m so psyched.” - Nathan Florence after winning the Cape Fear Shipsterns in, let’s be honest, the smallest Shipsterns we’ve seen filmed. 

“It’s easy to dismiss the new Bali as overbuilt, overcrowded and relatively expensive. However, if you look closely, all the ingredients that made it special in the first place are still right there.” - Benjamin Ryan offers his perspective on Paradise Lost after living in Bali for for the last 20 years. 

“It’s the recognition that matters. As you get older, it gets more difficult, but that Rip Bowl is my life. No matter how small it gets, I will always paddle out. That’s why I do.” - An emotional Kenny Lantern on receiving the Performance Award at the inaugura Tracks Small Wave Awards. 

“On May 15 Heath Joske will fly to Norway to attend the Equinor AGM to make it clear just how riled up the Australian surf community is on this issue of drilling in the Bight.” - In a if the mountain won’t come to Mohammad scenario former QS surfer and now South Oz fisherman traveled to Oslo to deliver Australian surfer's message in person.