“Surf wear company Billabong is believed to be in exclusive due diligence to buy rival Rip Curl, which has been up for sale through boutique advisory firm Gresham.” A report in the Australian Business Review that, if it came to pass, would see Oaktree Capital owning Quiksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl. Rumours that new company’s name, RipAQuikBong, haven’t been substantiated. 

“With Harries (Anthony Carroll) in full flight, nothing was left to the imagination! When he wasn't trying to feed the stingrays and rant about historical conspiracy theories or aliens, he'd be telling us about his upcoming botox sessions.” Corey Oliver, details the highs and lows of his Molokai Paddle experience with five Bondi Lifeguards. 

Corey Oliver Powering in the Molokai

“From 2019, as per the substance of most of the leaks, the WSL world tour will start at Pipeline in early February before (and this seems strange) going to Portugal ahead of the Australian leg. The sequence of events to follow remains unclear (perhaps even, as we publish, undecided) but will include Brazil, Fiji, Tahiti, Jeffreys Bay, Trestles, Surf Ranch and France before heading to Indonesia for the “playoffs” in September.” Phil Jarratt has had his “little birds” feeding him information and reckons the new WSL tour structure look like the above. 

“Women’s surfing is tough; I have watched every event this year – I want to say start to finish, however I became disheartened after the midway point. The other night, I rolled home late from a wine-fuelled dinner and flicked on France. As I watched big roundhouses and some slashes through the lip, I couldn’t help but drunkenly wonder, ‘Where has women’s surfing gone this year?’ Hannah Anderson questions the lack of progress in women’s surfing.

“What’s not to love? He doesn’t take this ridiculous sport seriously and exists simply to catch as many good waves and ride as many barrels as humanly possible.” A bit of Tracks' love for Seabass and his performances over the European leg. 

Seabass had a ball in Europe. WSL

“Now I’ve been covering the Quik Pro France for well over a decade and I was sure I’d been on this section of the beach, in this exact situation watching Jordy self-destruct in the exact same way. There was an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all. Not for the first time I cursed the French for failing to coin a simple term for that feeling.”  Yep, that’s me trying and failing to be clever about Jordy being not so clever in France. 

“Nathan’s really interesting. In the movie you see him get one wave and he says ‘it brought me to tears.’ Then he say’s, ‘I’m done’ and you see him sitting on the jet-ski smoking like the Marlboro man. I think he has a real sense of limitations.” Mike Oblowitz, Director of the Nathan Fletcher biopic Heavy Water and the unreleased drug film Sea of Darkness, talks to Luke Kennedy in a fascinating interview ahead of Heavy Water’s premiere at the Byron Bay Film Festival.   

“Surf fans should be allowed to witness the drama of 30-foot Waimea, magnified by the performance of cutthroat competition, and not being told of a squabble that resulted in the tournament being cancelled.” Tracks writer Craig Jarvis on the news the Eddie had been cancelled. 

“No, I don’t watch modern surf films? I’m too old and grumpy to watch them.”  The Godfather of surf films and maker of The Endless Summer Bruce Brown. 

Goodvibes always inspires some creative quotes.

“As the sun set slowly behind a distant cloud of dole cheques.....we cracked another six-pack of cheap dreams, rang Mr Infinity and told him to give tomorrow the sack." A classic Captain Goodvibes quote from a story on artist Daniel Joyce and a recent surfboard restoration involving the Pig Of Steel. 

“On a clear day you can see the back of your own head.” The above article started a long thread from Goodvibes’ fans on their favourite quote. The one above seemed to be the most loved.