Now Tracks was all over it Lowes Three-Piece, but we can’t expect you lot to cover it all 24-7 like us. That’s why we’ve picked the best bits from the key players over the last 30 days. 

“Even when I was coming 4th or 5th, we were all so far behind Kelly and Andy we didn’t know how to beat them. Then I finished the two years in a row as third and I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’m done with this, I’m going to skip second and win.’”  - Mick Fanning recounts how he flicked a mental switch to win his world titles. 

Fanning claims his first title.

“The plans for the marina are not yet finalized, but there are serious indications in the early mock-ups it will will encroach upon the eye-catching lineup and spell the end of the wave.” - Yet another development threatens a Bali wave; this time Mushroom Rock is on the chopping block. 

“Whilst we are disappointed at losing Fiji and Trestles for 2018, we are really excited to be returning to Keramas, Indonesia and for the inaugural Surf Ranch event.” – WSL Surfer’s Rep (and future WSL Commissioner?) Ace Buchan comments on the CT’s new changes. 

“Keramas is legit ... but it’s no Cloudbreak. Money talks.” - But Tracks reader Bruno Medeiros isn’t buying it below the line. 

Ace ... not that devo about losing Cloudbreak?

“Yep, it’s safe to say, the Brazilian storm no longer exists. It came a few years ago and blew the doors, windows and roof off. The conveyor belt of talent has now simply come in, taken up residence and started to rebuild a CT fortress.” - Are the Brazilians taking over surfing? Uhm, yes. 

“I don’t really like getting caught up in all the bullshit. I just prefer to hang with mates and just surf. There’s not much more to it than that really.” - Wade Carmichael and his refreshing approach to making the CT. 

“He’ll scream as he paddles back to the peak paddling a decrepit, neon T&C with the original nose guard. Tribal armband tat, skullet, flavour saver. Brain fried, dead inside.” - Tracks reader Matt Aniski adds to the Surf Tribes, with his 80-90s Diehard.

“An anti-hipster is both confused and threatened by the hipster and the fun he once had on a borrowed 5’6” fish is, like masturbating over a step-sibling, a secret they will take to the grave.” - More tribal talk from Tracks

“I’ve had a little bit of luck, but you know, when you have a few horses it sort of helps a little bit,” - Rip Curl Founder Brian Singer, on being in a consortium that owns last year’s Melbourne Cup winner, Almandin, and this year’s champion nag, Rekindling.  

“I didn't feel like I was good enough for anything in life. It was the most frightening time of my life, as I didn't know what the fuck was going on. The statistic of suicide for an Indigenous man is that we're six times more likely to commit suicide than a non-Indigenous man and I was on the brink of being a part of that statistic and that's fucking scary.”  - Otis Carey talks through his struggles as part of the WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE festival. With the more recent news of the tragic death of Brazilian Jean De Silva, Otis’ brave words were timely. If you are in trouble, you need to talk. Like Otis found, there’s always a way out to a better way. 

“Like scuba diving, bucket bongs and Gabriel Medina, some things only work with water. Leashes are one such utility.” - The Tracks Anti-Style Guide provided advice on how to avoid style pitfalls. Sort of. 

“I was looking up at my locker in France and saw my name and wondered; I wonder if Pauline (Menzer) had her name on her tent?” - Sally Fitzgibbons addresses the crowd, and her heroes, at the Celebration of Australian Women in Surf  Gala dinner attended by Tracks Hannah Anderson. Women surfing has come along way due to the sacrifices made the by legends in attendance.