The shortest month of the year still provided plenty of surf action. From Oma to Pipeline, Jack Robinson to Albe Falzon, sharks to wave pools, Tracks has covered a single moon cycle of world surf news. Here’s what was said...

“It’s always been the goal. I’ve never thought about anything else really. I mean being a good freesurfer and getting crazy clips is cool, but the CT is where I want to be. I love competing against those top guys and that’s where I see myself at. ” Jack Robinson is deadly serious about making the cut. 

“There’s so much love in the club,” Merewether Boardriders Club team coach Luke Egan after Merewether took out the The Nudie Australian Boardriders Battle in Newcastle. 

“The question is if the BWT surfers do make a collective push for more cash, is the WSL going to acknowledge the fairness of this request and make all things equal.” Craig Jarvis opines on equal pay, this time between the CT and BWT. 

“To be able to live out my dream on tour as a competitor, while also being a surfer rep and board member, was a massive high point in my career. However, getting to transition into my role as Commissioner and foster new talent and development pathways for surfers, has been even more rewarding.” Commissioner KP steps down from the role he has had for six years. 

“Most of these kids open up and light up. As soon as you catch one into the shore they jump up on the sand and run around and hug their parents and then run straight up to you and say, ‘Another one, another one.’ Some of them end up in tears when they come in because they don’t want to come in. They are a completely different person from when they enter the water to when they exit.” Ocean Heroes co-founder Sam Moyle on his experience teaching surfing to kids with autism. 

“I paddled out the back and started throwing up and crying again. I sat on the beach for an hour sobbing and thought, ‘Well, that’s that. I’m never going in the water again.’” Big wave charger and abalone diver Shannan Worrall on his PTSD after being spooked by sharks. He did get back in the water and has developed Shark Eyes technology, a simple, cheap long range shark deterrent that he believes can save lives. 

Shannan Worrall clutching a board featuring one of his shark deterrent prints.

"Kirra often gives you only one or two shots at a wave before it flushes you down past Pizza Hut for a Supreme run around. At its cruellest it will push you to the beach down at Tugun – waveless.  The harsh realities of Kirra must be married with the idealised imaginings you have conjured over time. Given the sufferings that must be born, a good wave at Kirra is as much a conquest as anything else. You came, you paddled, you hustled, and you got one." Tracks Ed Luke Kennedy giving a realistic evaluation of surfing Kirra during cyclone Oma. 

Getting a wave at Kirra can be like trying to run down a stampeding bull. Photo: Simon Williams 

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for us at the moment – we can’t wait to turn on the hose, fill the lagoon, and start pumping out perfect waves around Easter when surfers from around the world are focused on the Australian leg of the surfing World Championship Tour.” URBNSURF Founder and Executive Director, Andrew Ross plans to push the button on Melbourne’s Wave Pool this Easter. 

“On a sunny afternoon on January 25, 2019, the first artificial wave peeled off Qingfeng Extreme Sports Base in the town of Puyang in Henan Province in China.” Meanwhile China has entered the wave pool arms race. 

“At Nazare it’s been great to surf and make friends with guys like Twiggy Baker, Cottie, Chumbo and Garrett. I think I’m at their level. I mean, if a wave comes and I’m in the spot I’ll go every time." Self-funded West Oz big wave charger is on a mission to be an elite big wave surfer. 

“If you let life take you rather than you always try and take life you will always end up in a better place.” Tracks founder Albe Falzon from the new film Thankyou Mother starring Torren Martyn, labelled by Jed Smith as, “the counter-cultural roots opus surfing needs right now."

Thank You Mother - a journey of appreciation from Ishka Folkwell on Vimeo.