A new decade started with Australia ablaze, changes at the top of the Wazzle and waves pumping in Hawaii, Europe… and Melbourne. As ever Tracks was hiding in a bowl of rice with a dictaphone ready to pop a cap in the ass of this deal we call surfing. 

“And even as the famous wave was silted up by the Superbank, it stood sentinel over the break reminding that for three decades Kirra was the best wave in the world.” Tracks reports that the Kirra Eagle sculpture, aka the Rusty Chook, may need to be removed. 

“Florence signed a $30+ million eight-year deal in 2017 but with new management and a new culture emerging, must have seen the brand as he knew it implode in January this year.” John John Florence walks away from Hurley. It must have been tough for him, although the two mill walk fee might help him get through the tough times. 

“I hauled my partially sodden tent back to its place, re-pegged and climbed inside to lick my wounds, both internal and external. All there was to do was make a sandwich, roll a joint and have one last wank.” The recent Quemao Class, an invitational event in the Canaries, brings back some soiled memories for a Tracks reporter. 

“If Dirk Ziff had a 10-year plan for pro surfing as an investor we’re halfway through his reign. If E-Lo can’t turn it around in the next five years and make the WSL a profitable, well-oiled machine for his master then where does the sport go?” Alex Workman ponders the future of professional surfing after the removal of CEO Sophie Goldschmidt.

“I watched a young Victorian surfer by the name of Willis Droomer learn how to backhand tube ride in about two hours.” Surfing Victoria head honcho, and former CT surfer, Adam Robertson on the benefits of Melbourne’s URBNSURF.

“Sharks are magical, mystical animals and we don’t know enough about what they do for the environment.” Mick Fanning talks to Tracks about his latest project called Save The Shark, a documentary for National Geographic.

“A surfer has been attacked by a shark at Windang Beach on the NSW south coast, between Port Kembla and Shell Harbour.  The surfer received a bone-deep bite to the foot just after 8am this morning and is currently being treated for his injury.” Meanwhile, another surfer was doing some enforced shark research of his own on the South Coast. 

“It was the morning of the Pe’ahi Challenge in 2015 and Mark Mathews, who was a late replacement for Kelly Slater, thought he might warm up with a few forty footers.” Craig Jarvis recounts Mathews Jaws wave for his Waves That Mattered series. 

“Within 12 hours of arriving in Nazare for the first time, Ollie Dousset was speed hopping down the face of a solid 40-foot wave.” Which given Ollie lost a leg 18 months ago in a Bali motorbike accident, is a truly remarkable feat. 

“They only consulted with people they knew agreed with their practices. They’ve done the bare minimum. They’ve done fuck-all consultation with the indigenous groups down there.” Ex Tracks Editor Sean Doherty discusses the news that The Wilderness Society NOPSEMA is taking Equinor to Federal Court over the drilling in the Bight. 

“The nuggety ‘Morgs’ has a huge rail game that should suit the waves of the CT roster. He also has a positive attitude and genuine curiosity about the world that gives him a great perspective for one so young.” Tracks runs the ruler over the, small, rookie class of 2020 which includes Aussies Jack Robinson, Isabella Nichols, and Morgan Cibilic.