Quotes Of The Month
“When you have the two best surfers going for a world title in the water, even the most tangential surf fans will be captured by that moment. These moments that break out of the surfing ecosystem, that get across national news and global news, those are the moments we are trying to build.” WSL CEO E-LO announces a raft of post Covid-19 Tour changes, including a World Title Surf-Off. 
WSL CEO, Erik Logan, is taking surfing to the play-offs. Photo: WSL
“Firstly, do we like the idea of a world title being decided in a surf-off or Grand Final style format? Certainly, it eliminates the possibility of an anti-climax with someone winning the title two contests before the last event, but will it suck a little juice out of the title race throughout the year? Also, you could hypothetically win every event but lose the surf–off. Is that fair?” Tracks Luke Kennedy on just some of the questions raised by the revamp. 
“I was thinking hopefully they don’t wipe away the points. However, I’m feeling pretty lucky. Just seeing my parents and still being able to exercise and stuff - it puts more appreciation back in the system.” QS Ratings leader Matt Banting.
“People are definitely trying. It’s been a bit tough for me surfing and knowing that my whole family is locked up at home so I’ve been playing my part, only really going to the beach to surf and coming home. If we all play our part I think we’ll get through this”. Italian Leo Fioravanti who was lucky enough to be “stuck” in Byron Bay during Covid-19
“On Saturday afternoon a Sydney surfer was walking along the footpath in his Bondi street, with a board under his arm, when a driver swerved into him and started screaming expletives.” Back in Bondi though, with the beach closed, things were getting heated.
The first empty peeler at Bondi in thirty years – thanks to the closure of the beach during the peak of the Covid crisis in Oz. Photo: Zenla
“He remembers that wave as having a little bit more north, a little bit less wall, but it had double-up written all over it. That's the kind of wave that you want at Jaws apparently, a fifty-foot double-up.” Craig Jarvis on Twiggy Baker’s ‘Wave That Mattered” at the Peahi Challenge in 2019. 
“Going off its F%$ken tits c&$t.” Guy Morgan of Mentawai Surf Co talks over a video of a perfect empty HT’s video as surfing was banned in the Mentawais. 
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We are experiencing Chinese torture and its tearing the froth up inside of us Tag ya mates you would want to share this with cooking mentawai perfection with @mentawaisurfco

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“So as April 2020 rolls around, how do we survive this low-point in Australian surfing history? With such a rich past behind it, how do we find happiness this Easter without watching John John taking off at Rincon or Wade Carmichael carving inside The Bowl?” Brad Sterling, doing it tough when, for the first time in 60 years, there was no Easter comp at Bells. 
“There’s a checkpoint and if you get caught on the southern side of the road you have to go through this checkpoint but if you’re on the northern side going driving towards Snapper you’re in Queensland so you can avoid the checkpoint. So that’s fucking ridiculous man, it’s crazy.” Mitch Crews on the new normal on the Goldy. 
“Please people now is not the time for a holiday in Yamba or Angourie as soon as this coronavirus shit is over you are welcome back! Please stay close to your own town and respect what our community is telling you. From our community to yours stay safe happy and healthy.” Laurie Towner gives his advice on travelling in the lockdown.