Throughout John John Florence’s career we’ve generally seen a mellow competitor who lets his game do the talking for him … and when it takes you to to back-to-back World Titles who can argue with the method.

However, in the first two events John has looked off. A round two loss at the Quik Pro, and a now infamous round three dusting at the hands of a hyped Zeke Lau prove it.

Now the tour moves to Margaret River. One of the hardest waves to surf on the tour but is also the canvas upon which John painted sublime, progressive and powerful rail based art last year.

All we can hope for as surf fans is that those first two events lit a fire inside John. Anger at his lackluster start at Snapper and self-admonishment for letting himself get rattled at Bells. All of which will hopefully be purged on the dark water walls of Margaret River Mainbreak.

Come on John, don’t repress. Let that fury fly!