The Region

The Telo Islands are a group of Over 30 islands separated by fringe reef or narrow channels and positioned in North Sumatra between Mentawai and Nias and open to the famous Southern Indian Ocean swell window. The tight concentration of this Island group makes for an amazing playground for all types of marine activities, in particular surfing. Within 50 mins of a comfortable speedboat ride we have over 30 surfing breaks to choose that cater for all levels of confidence, including some truly world-class reef and sand bottom gems.

The Resort

Resort Latitude Zero was built to provide a high standard, tropical surfing experience. We have gone the extra yards to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything but surf, relax and have fun. Our facilities, accommodation, speedboats and service are first class and maintained to impeccable standards. We cater to individual needs to suit your situation whether travelling alone, with a group of mates, your partner or the whole family, you are sure to have the tropical surfing holiday of a lifetime at Resort Latitude Zero.

The Package

Experienced surf guides. Well-maintained comfortable 9m speedboats operated by qualified, experienced speedboat captains. Full bar services and qualified chef-prepared meals. Full daily housekeeping service including complimentary laundry service. Beautifully maintained swimming pool, gardens. Snorkeling, fishing, SUP, ocean Kayak. Day trips and activities for non surfers. Satellite wi-fi and mobile phone signal.

Resort Latitude Zero

Telo Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia