Day 2 of the road to JBay and we amongst it in Mossel bay

A Cape Town Light house makes for a great light show.

Photos Ben Whitmore/Nikon

The drive from Cape Town to Mossel Bay is a long one. The locals can probably do it in about four hours but for those of us who stick to the speed limits and stop for the odd photo, it takes about five. For those five hours the landscape changes every few kilometres, from baron and dry plains to bright green and fluro-yellow coloured mountains. One of which displayed a massive “K” which pointed in the direction of JBay and we decided that it may well be a sign of a Kelly Slater dominated event.

Adam Robertson in the zone

We have the art of couch surfing down now. We caught Adam, Heath and Shaun in Mossel Bay and again we were offered a bed, this time with Shaun’s family. His house sits atop a cliff that looks over the ocean and it feels like we’ve been invited to stay with South African surfing royalty.

Heath Joske off the bottom

We immediately hit the road in search of waves. It’s been days of travelling for all of us and we need to get wet. A little left rip bowl will do and the boys tear it apart until sun down.When we return from our mission, Shaun’s parents, Anton and Minette have prepared a traditional South African brie. They basically put a bunch of different meat into an outdoor stove. In Anton’s opinion, “if there is nothing dead on your plate, then it’s not a real meal.”

Over dinner we discuss the years gone by at JBay, the winners, the losers, we ponder who will win this year. No one can go past Joel Parkinson,  although no one seems to be able to discount an inform Julian Wilson either.

Another African sunset. Can you blame me?

Tomorrow, we’re going to throw the guys onto some elephants and make them ride around a game park. Stay tuned for volume 3 of the road to JBay.