Let's be honest, the WSL's current crop surf better than you; at Bells, Pipe, Hossegor and probably most definitely, Teahupoo.

On Saturday morning hardened Margaret River locals were given a not so subtle reminder of this when Ads De Souza and JJ Florence chanced upon bombing Mainbreak in all of it's glory.

With many sitting on the outside boil waiting for bombs atop trusty 8'6''s or longer, the dynamic duo were busy ducking and weaving on the inside, taking off right under the lip on boards half the length, thickness and most certainly volume.

It was a sight to behold and by that afternoon quickly became talk of the now not so quiet little former timber and dairy town.

But the performances of the two and the scattering of other pros already in town wasn't the only little rumour gathering momentum. Unlike Hawaii and the gang from Dungeons in South Africa, the rest of the surfing world is fairly subservient when it comes to the WSL, in particular who it nominates as Wildcards.

Though the entire carpark at Mainbreak is already off limits and under lock and key, the WSL has yet to announce who it will slot in the main event, word is it will later in the week, but it's been enough to set tongues wagging.

A spokesperson from Surfing WA wouldn't be drawn into who might be in the running other than the totally not-so-satisfying "It'll be a big surprise," which of course leaves the door open for the third coming of Dane Reynolds (rumours are also circulating he is in town).

All of the above begs the question...if it's going to be a local, which indeed it should be, who should it be?

Jay Davies: The muscular Adonis cut a swathe through the hearts, minds and hearts of everyone as he played wrecking ball through the rounds last year, dispatching Fanning and Medina in the process with clinical performances at The Box. Davies later admitted to having not surfed The Box much at all prior to the Main Event last year, favouring North Point instead, which of course WSL has got dibs on this year.

Chris Ross: Oh, you thought Cross was only good for those heaving slabs down at The Right? Those skills in the pit had to come from somewhere and that somewhere was Mainbreak, The Box and North Point, yet the busy little beekeeper also has mad air skills to match. Cross won a spot in the trials after pulling out all stops in the Margaret River Classic and should either joint turn on, Cross would be a tough, yet happy go lucky little number to come up against.

Jacob Wilcox: Quiet for much of last year thanks to a badly broken lower leg, the rubbery goofy footer who once beat Slater is back to his flexible self in waves of all shapes and sizes. What he lacks in size he makes up with an ability to drive through the tightest of pits and bust out the jams for added effect.

Jack Robinson: Oh boy, it's hard to go past the reclusive eternal grommet who was born within throwing distance of both Mainbreak and The Box and a seven minute drive from North Point. His performances in Hawaii this winter added further gravitas to what many already knew and should he wish to turn his attention to competing, he may fill a void vacated by the eternally reluctant Dane Reynolds.

And the ladies?

Lest not forget, it takes two to tango and with Courtney Conlogue coming in hot after a win at Bells, all eyes are on the women to put on a show should the swell do what it's predicted too.

Bronte and Laura Macauley: A pair of smiling assassins if ever there was one (because a pair is singular according to Google). Though Laura has been on a tear at Snapper and Bells, sister Bronte has quietly been clocking up the hours at Mainbreak and North Point in all sorts of conditions and looks razor sharp.

Felicity Palmateer: Has since moved east to pursue a career in art but always one to watch once the outside bubbles start to come to life. Spent much of her junior career in the juice out at Mainbreak so could be a spoiler for some of the lower ranked newbies yet to find their feet.

Regardless, the hype is already beginning to build with a favourable forecast indicating the first three days of competition at least will be looking the goods. Good enough for the WSL to tap into North Point or The Box? Well, that depends who you ask.

The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Waiting Period runs between April 8-19

2016 Men’s Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Heats Draw:

Heat 1: Jeremy Flores, Taj Burrow, Alejo Muniz

Heat 2: Julian Wilson, Kai Otton, Alex Ribeiro

Heat 3: Matt Wilkinson, Stu Kennedy, Adam Melling

Heat 4: Italo Ferreira, Kanoa Igarashi, Dusty Payne

Heat 5: Gabriel Medina, Davey Cathels, TBA

Heat 6: Adriano DeSouza, Keanu Asing, TBA

Heat 7: Jordy Smith, Michel Bourez, Jack Freestone

Heat 8: Nat Young, Caio Ibelli, Matt Banting

Heat 9: Joel Parkinson, Conner Coffin, Ryan Callinan

Heat 10: Kelly Slater, Kolohe Anding, Miguel Pupo

Heat 11: John John Florence, Adrian Buchan, Sebastian Zietz

Heat 12: WIggolly Dantas, Josh Kerr, Jadson Andre