Ryan Callinan is currently skipping the globe for Kai Neville's upcoming film and chasing the WQS. During a recent pit stop at home he managed to luck into one of the better days at his local. Our man Bosko was there, as always, trigger finger ready. "It was in the afternoon, Ryan texted me to say there were some fun lefts at Dicko. He was only out there for just over an hour, the rip was strong pushing me down the beach so it was hard to keep up with him as he was paddling to to the top of the peak," says Bosko. "Ryan was working on his frontside carves, he reminds me a lot of Luke Egan. I'm  sure he wants to nail the same hacks Luke does, other than that Ryan was throwing spray everywhere with consistent power surfing, it was just great to be in the water to watch Ryan rip but also an amazing family of dolphins were hanging around close to us."

Photo: Bosko