I tuned into the Volcom Pipe Pro on Saturday and noticed a distinctly welcomed sound. It was Sal Masekela and it was music to my ears. Sal is a reporter, surfer, musician and without question one of the best commentators in the game. If it's the first time you've heard his name here's a bit of background on Sal from a profile by Vanessa Ho featured, on all places, Microsoft's website.

Sal Masekela has been breaking boundaries his whole life. He grew up in a Southern California beach town where he was the only black kid who surfed and skated. He felt like an outsider, but discovered what’s become a lifetime love of shredding waves. That passion also translated to snowboarding.

It helped Masekela become one of TV’s most recognizable action-sports hosts, a career in which he’s still defying borders. As the host of NBC’s Red Bull Signature Series, Masekela is as comfortable talking on camera as he is wakeboarding or tearing up dirt in a race buggy. He blends professional commentary with the lively insight of an athlete, a style honed during his years hosting ESPN’s X Games and Winter X Games.

He’s also a human interest reporter who’s covered the Olympics and World Cup and a correspondent on HBO’s documentary series, “Vice.”

Read the full article on Sal here.

In the 30 minutes I tuned in and listened to that silky smooth voice it was clear that Sal is the benchmark when it comes to commentating action sports. Professional, never rushed and positively excited in a low key kind of way. I really wish he was on the WSL's main roster... But he's probably too expensive or busy with his commitments with NBC. In the meantime check out the highlights from day one and make sure you tune in for some Masekela ear candy when competition resumes.

Watch highlights from Day One of the Volcom Pipe Pro here:

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