The brief for the Lifestyle category was as follows:

Surfing has always been about more than the act of riding a wave. It’s the lifestyle that goes along with our unique counter-culture that makes it so special. The characters, the places, the faces and the vibe – it’s your job to sum it all up in one image.

The Winner - Presented by Corona

A massive congratulations to Jason Childs whose ‘Happiest Surfers In The World #1’ was voted by the public as the winning image, and has just earnt him a tidy $1000.00


"I’ve have had a love affair with the Pacific Ocean islands of Indonesia since the early 2000's when I did a trip with Rip Curl’s "The Search". But that trip only scratched the surface, and since then I have been trying take the right team into the last frontier of rarely surfed waves in Indonesia. Recently I found something even better when I went searching again!

Over the last two years I’ve done three trips to these remote islands of Indonesia. They have inspired me like I was inspired in my early trips to Indonesia. Photographing the most unique images of a living surfing culture in its purest form. These are my favourite images I have ever shot. Children surfing on wooden plank style boards - it’s akin to the Hawaiians 100’s of years ago. The happiest surfers in the world!" - Jason Childs

First Runner Up – Surfing In The Arctic by Chris Burkard


Second Runner Up – Good Times by John Respondek


Third Runner Up – Italo In Fiji by Ryan Miller


Fourth Runner Up – Craig Anderson – Locals by Chris Burkard

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A massive thanks to Corona for all their support, without which, none of this would’ve been possible.

A huge shout-out to all who entered and voted! See you all next year!