Four girls from Bondi, competing under the name ‘Saltwater Curls’, have decided to overcome their fears of contest surfing to line up for the annual Surf Aid Challenge. 

On Friday September 22nd, Annina Helenelund, Jessica Bodell, Chachi Connell and Aprilla Quayle (L to R above) will be the only all-girls team taking part in the event, which raises money for women and children in remote areas of Indonesia. 

“It's been an incredible journey training and getting a team together for Surfaid. Knowing that we are the only all women's team is something exciting as the Surfaid organisation works closely supporting pregnant women and mothers. As a mother myself I know how important this is, so just being able to support these women and make a change to their lives with the practical support, education and health promotions that Surfaid offers is a must, in turn making a difference to next generation.”

Chachi Connell 

Like most of the teams, the Saltwater Curls are busy fund-raising in the lead up to the event. The ranks of each team are bolstered by a pro surfing wildcard, and the team that raises the most funds gets first pick from the talent pool. Two-times world champion, Tom Carroll, is amongst the surfers who have indicated they will take part. 

If you’d like to contribute to a worthy cause and help the girls with the curls secure first pick of the pro surfers, please click on the link.