Growing up it was all pop tarts, surfing and Blink 182 covers at boardriders presso's  for Sea Legs  front man Byron Knight. We caught up via webland to chat about surfing, music and that dirty old city down the road - Sydney.

How's life growing up/ playing music in the central coast? Was there more surfing or more music?

The Central Coast has been a fairly awesome place to grow up for both these things. In my grom days and up until my teenage years it was purely just the surfing. All I would do is eat pop tarts and surf all day every day. I was always into playing my guitar and jamming with a few of my fellow muso mates, but it wasn't until I finished high school that the music and my band started to take priority over the surfing, and pretty much everything else that was important to me.  The lifestyle and surf culture here on the coast has really played a huge part in our music and has shaped our identity. We have come along way from playing Pennywise and Blink 182 covers at backyard partys and surf presos though! I also don't eat Pop Tarts as much anymore, I thought it was only puppy fat but as it turns out I just loved those rectangle bastards way too much.

The city of Sydney is quite close to where you live, have you done a stint there? If so how long did you last?

I have never lived in Sydney, basically everyone I know has but I have been living here (happily) at Bateau Bay for 28 years now. It's only 1hr and a bit drive for us to cruise down, we find ourselves playing in Sydney a lot, we always love a good night out in the city, but it is nice to be able to come back to my little home here at Bateau and smell the eucalyptus, shot espresso with my hipster babes and surf our semi non-crowded waves.

 Your dad's an artist and you and your brother are playing in epic bands, what's in the households  tap water?

Haha. Just your usual, Lead, Copper, Nitrates, Arsenic and Rocket Fuel. Nah I don't know man.. Both Dad/Mum have always been super encouraging towards us and our music. Dad has been successful and made a career out of doing what he loves, so he wants the same for us. Rad parents.

What's this year hold for Sea Legs?

The first half of the year we toured the east coast with The Growlers from California, which was epic, we also started recording for our sophomore EP! July/August we are touring with my brothers band Jinja Safari, and we're also playing a couple of shows up north with The Delta Riggs. We plan to release the EP in October and we'll tour that puppy until the end of the year pretty much as well as a few festivals. Looking forward to it.

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