Young Hawaiian Seth Moniz comes from a big surfing family. Both parents, Tony and Tammy, have surfed their whole lives and so it was only natural their five children would follow suit. Daughter Keilia is the back-to-back ASP Women's longboard champion and brothers Micah, Isaiah, Joshua have enjoyed healthy sponsorship. The youngest of the Moniz tribe is 16-year-old Seth, pictured here, who won the North Shore Surf Shop Pipe Pro Junior in March. With an ever growing repertoire in all conditions he is fast becoming one of the best up and coming juniors to come out of Hawaii. Photographer Nicholas Hoermann spent time with the Moniz clan last week as a fun swell lit up the South Shore.

"We've had a good run of surf over the past week for the South Shore, recalls Nick. "Everywhere I went to shoot there were multiple people shooting water so I stayed on land and looked for new angles. I talked to Seth in the water and he said he was going to surf Kewalos in the evening. I told him that I'll come by and shoot with him. When I got to the Kewalos there were already three water photographers so I said screw it and went to my secret spot to shoot from that is kinda hard to get to and brought my biggest lens. The whole crew was out; Seth, Isaiah, Micah Moniz, Kaulana Apo, Kaito Kino and more. There were light offshores, some solid surf and the air game was on. I believe Seth had two of the best airs followed by Noa Mizunos. It's great to see Seth in the water because for one he is a super nice kid and two you never know what he is going to do."