Yesterday we reported on a Shark Attack that occurred early Sunday morning at Belongil Beach in Byron Bay. The victim, Suffolk Park man Sam Edwardes was bitten on the upper thigh by what is believed to be a juvenile white pointer.

Sam underwent over four hours of surgery yesterday on his leg and remains in a critical condition. Doctors have also placed him in an induced coma.

Doctors and local authorities have praised quick thinking onlookers who applied a tourniquet to Mr Edwardes badly bitten leg, stemming the bleeding enough to allow emergency services to arrive in time to save Mr. Edwardes life.

Sam is a full-time special needs teacher in the local area. A noble but also casual position, so he will have many expenses piling up throughout his rehabilitation. With that in mind, friends and family of Mr. Edwardes have set up a Gofundme page with the aim of taking the financial heat of Sam while he recovers.

You can find the page here

If you’ve got $10, $20 or even $50 to spare to help out Sam it would be greatly appreciated. You’re sure to earn a good karma tube!!