Byron Bay's Soli Bailey drew some exquisite lines in Indonesia earlier this year. This image was one that hit the cutting room floor when we were putting together the December issue of Tracks (on sale now) before having life breathed into it via the digital sphere. Photographer Simon Williams captures Soli redirecting his line with the type of power not seen by most kids his age. Soli was there filming with Tracks and the very talented Nathan Oldfield for 'Sojourn' film with an all-star cast that was made up of Dave Rastovich, Brad Gerlach, Chris Del Moro, Dylan Graves, Aamion Goodwin & Dane Gudausaks.

The kalediscope of characters ripped and tore their way through the Mentawais talking story from everything from the media, music and the satisfaction and surprises that come with living a free surfing life. Right now Soli is somewhat at a crosswords. Take the route of competitive surfer and have a crack at the world tour or forgo that competitive drive and make his mark as one of the best up and coming free surfers? Judging from turns like this and the praises from his peers it's clear he'll know how to leave his mark.

Photo: Simon Williams