According to reports on the ABC Illawarra Facebook page and Illawarra Mercury websites, a surfer has been attacked by a shark at Windang Beach on the NSW south coast, between Port Kembla and Shell Harbour.    

The surfer received a bone-deep bite to the foot just after 8am this morning and is currently being treated for his injury.

One of the posts on the ABC Illawarra Facebook page acknowledged that the area, while popular with surfers, has a reputation for being sharky.

Carol Portulacca

“The surf club at Windang was formed after a local lad Ray Fursey was taken by a shark (my brother’s mate )... The beach is adjacent to the entrance of Lake IllawArra and it is a feeding frenzy for sharks at this time of the year as the fish escape the lake to the ocean😔
I hope he is OK and this is a timely reminder to tourists.”

Further details relating to the encounter are yet to be revealed.