Surfing may not cure cancer but it can raise funds to help with research and provide assistance to those suffering. SurFebruary was an initiative created by Jenna Lea-Clarke after she endured a three-year battle with cancer and won.

Determined to do something for others put in the same situation, Jenna, along with Aaron Clark and good friend Mick Durante, turned to what she new best – surfing.

The initiative is open to paddlers on all kinds of craft and offers a range of different ways to get involved. Channelled through the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, 100% of the money raised by participants is aimed at funding the very best cancer research, clinical trials, treatment and care for our patients and their families.

If you are looking for a good excuse to go surfing every day for a month then the best thing to do is check out SurFebruary on Facebook.

Riding a few waves might help save a life.  

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