Gabriel Medina and Anitta

Hot off the Instagram press it seems the 2018 World Champion has struck up a new friendship with Brazilian singer Anitta. Now Anitta might not be big news here, but in Brazil the singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and businesswoman is one the country’s biggest pop stars and has over 35 million Insty followers. Medina and his good mate Neymar Jnr were recently seen partying hard with Anitta at the Rio Carnivale, fueling reports of a budding romance. Now that’s totally unsubstantiated, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of salacious gossip. 

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For the gringos who are not understanding shit that is going on... 😂 Carnaval is a huge one-week party that happens on the streets of the whole country. Every day I'm performing for thousands of people and the tradition of this moment is to dress costumed for it. The theme of my Carnaval this year is to remember iconic looks from the 90's and 2000's. Today I dressed like a huge iconic sex symbol in the Brazilian television more than 10 years ago. Enjoy this crazy/amazing Brazilian tradition on my stories. / Amei encarnar a Tiazinha na minha fantasia de carnaval de hoje. Aliás, que carnaval sensacional na cidade de Aracati. Levei minha família inteira que agora não quer mais voltar pra casa. O que eu faço? Haha. Muito obrigada! Show lindo. (Aguardem que eu não esqueci da ícone Feiticeira. Já tá chegando.)

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Jack Robinson and Julia Muniz

“My girlfriend Julia Muniz has been such a positive influence,” Jack Robinson told Tracks last month. “She’s lived in LA and has done a lot of modeling, but she’s been coming on most of my trips. She’s a great motivator.” Muniz, a surfer, model and influencer best known for her swimwear and lifestyle work with companies including PacSun and Baja Bae, seems to have curtailed Robinson’s wild west ways and the two seem to be the very picture of young love. Aww, shucks. 

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Julian Wilson and Ashley Osbourne

Wilson and Osbourne first dated in 2011, were engaged (in Paris, of course) in 2015 and had their first child last year. Such is their ridiculous combined photogenicy sometimes it’s almost impossible to look at the couple without breaking down in tears. Now based in Newcastle, Osbourne’s hometown, the pair travel the World Tour together with a blinding flash of white teeth, public displays of affection and the overwhelming sense that they are living their best lives. 

Pat Gudauskas and Hanalei Reponty

Hanalei Reponty is a 27-year-old model who calls herself a "mermaid from the island of Tahiti". The former Sydney University student has appeared in Vogue in Paris and Australia and British Cosmopolitan as well as for cosmetic brands OPI and Lancaster. She is also, as of two years ago, the wife of Pat Gudauskas. And you wonder why Patty G is always smiling? 


Owen Wright and Kita Alexander

Alexander is a singer songwriter whose third EP, Hotel, peaked in the top 60 on the ARIA Singles Chart last year. She is also Owen Wright’s better half and mother to their son. Not only is she extremely talented, she is also incredibly beautiful. I-D magazine described her as, “Six foot tall and with a golden beauty reminiscent of a young Elle Macpherson, her star quality is unmistakable.” 

Aritz Aranburu and Almudena Fernández

There’s a lot to admire about the modest and super talented Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu. The former CT surfer is still posting results on the QS (he scored a 5th at the Brazil QS6000 recently) and is also one of surfing’s great adventurers. His long-term girlfriend, Almudena Fernández, is also one of Spain’s top models. Fernández has been on the cover of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire and done campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and Givenchy among others, as well as being an environmental activist and humanitarian. Aritz might just be the quietest over achievers in surfing.