These shots just filtered through the coconut wireless from photographer Simon Williams who has been posted in Micronesia waiting for P-Pass to breathe to life. Billy Kean has been lighting up the aquatic playground hunting for tubes, taking to the air and laying down some gouging hacks.

We spoke to Swilly and Billy to tell us some stories from the island.

"The first time I came to the island was 9 years ago on a Tracks mission to find a new wave. I fell in love with the island from that day on. The Island is ringed by an outer reef which offers up countless passes. The island offers up a unique insight into island culture. The phrase "island time" becomes very apparent. Things happen, just not fast. This may have something to do with the vast amount of betel nut that's eaten by all ages and the Sakau that is drunk, a local Kava made from the root of the Sakau tree." - Simon Williams 

"I've been on Pohnpei now for three weeks. Every day we've been surfing Palikir (P-pass). It's such an easy wave to read and gives you heaps of speed down the line with the option of getting barreled or doing a series of turns. Every now and then it throws up a crazy end section too which is always good for an air. The water colour is the clearest I've ever seen here and it feels like you're having a bath! The local people are really laid back and friendly. Time is no concern here and money doesn't seem important. People pack the streets just to observe one another. The seafood is amazing. My diet has consisted of yellow fin tuna, Wahoo and Dr Pepper!" - Billy Kean

With a decent swell due to hit in a couple of days stay tuned for more vision from tubular, tropical paradise.

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