Perched on the black sand 20m in front of a fast, right-breaking wall. The points scorch to some of the best waves we’ve seen on tour! But the crowd… the crowd all softly whispering and guessing at what that name means, what that word “protected” thrown (ever so inspirationally) on the end of the event’s title, is all about.

The Bali Pro, becomes ‘protected!’ Let’s dive a little deeper…The reason?

WSL is streaming to the future front-line fighters of our beloved blue waters. It comes at no surprise that they have teamed up with Corona and Parley to promote a cleaner future for all WSL surfing events - and for the world.

Today, I’m writing on behalf of those who haven't flown north of our border, to Indonesia, our distant cousin country, for a while. So…remember those fast, steep, peeling lefts and rights? The blue walls so clear they seem transparent? Bali…the manifestation of our magical, surfing desires.

Well, I’ll give you an update…picture the absolute same dream, but add plastic bottles, coke cans, flying bags that make their way to the sea, wrapping heavily around the coral below. Imagine the beach strewn with syringes and old thongs left behind. Our glorious waves have been drowned in human rubbish. It’s frustratingly disgusting.

The realisation that the waves we all once had written on our bucket lists are becoming over-run with pollution. The name change is indeed welcomed, Bali protected becomes a plastic free event. Bali Protected is hoping to spark environmental action, spread the word and create a push that’s truly needed.

Backed by Corona and supported by the NGO’s Parley for the Oceans and WS PURE, the event will conduct beach cleanups in neighbouring sands and islands. Most impressively, will showcase recycling initiatives center-stage. Featuring recycled jerseys, accessories and boards, made from the plastic pieces found in the ocean, Bali Protected will be a huge eco push towards a cleaner future.

Previously working alongside Corona, Parley is active in a campaign that promises to protect 100 islands by 2020. The organisation is also teaming up with Adidas to release the first ever line of recycled footwear made by collected plastic. The strong bond with WSL introduces the up-cycled surf gear that will be used in future events.

The WSL’s ‘Protected’ initiative is not the whole story and there is much more to do, but maybe it’s the catalyst for more action. Hopefully this wakes up, not just us, but also the people around us, inspiring us to rigorously pursue a return to a pollution free ocean.