I know a lot of fellas don’t necessarily watch the women’s comp, especially when there is no chance of seeing the blokes on the same day. But, boy you missed out if you didn’t watch the chicks in Fiji – a 5ft feathering, offshore barrel-fest!!

Ha! I wish! As predicted the women surfed cross-shore 2ft Cloudbreak. It’s not Fiji, it’s depressing. With potential for real swell Friday, the last day of the women’s waiting period and a solid swell Sunday for the start of the men’s draw, it’s a bloody shame the WSL can’t showcase the chicks in the same if not similar waves as the fellas. They have proven time and time again they’re good enough and the only thing putting them in average waves creates, is average competition. 

Sally Fitzgibbons attacking the lip at Cloudbreak. Photo: WSL/Cestari

Sage Erickson and Nikki Van Dijk had mirrored frustration at the slow conditions. Barton Lynch’s candid interview with Sage showed the “anger” the American felt about the event. As she said it’s a hard pill to swallow when you lose a heat because a wave doesn’t come. 
In spite of the conditions there is a bright light at the end of the non-existent tube, Rosy Hodge is back in the WSL box! Can anyone else rock a thick, South African accent and lace it with elegance? The lone girl power ranger in the WSL boy’s club commentary team is back and her insights are succinct and timely. The tight end of the season is coming and Rosy’s perspective on both sides of the draw is integral. However, if social media tells us anything, we know the chicks love to have a good giggle together. The ex-competitor in Rosy knows the ins and outs of the girl’s club better than the likes of Strider and Pottz. Not to mention her post heat interviews for both the men and the women are filled with candid, nuggets of joy.

Rosie Hodge made a welcome return to the WSL commentary team. 

Conditions and commentary aside, Fiji has shaken up the chicks in yellow! Steph has been dethroned; Tyler stumbled against a competition savvy Courtney Conlogue but still did enough to snavel the yellow jersey. Sally slid into the semis, only to be tripped up by tricky Tatiana.

Tatiana Weston-Webb en route to a finals birth in the Outerknown, Fiji Pro.

Finals day will hopefully produce classic Cloudbreak conditions. Courtney Vs Tati, Goofy Vs Natural, agile, front-side fin wafts Vs raging, backside power carves. They are also two of the tour’s most notoriously ruthless competitors. The stage is set; hopefully the waves give the girls the opportunity to prove they know how to rumble on a heavy, reef wave.