Let’s start with the 10’s, face it, all the girls on tour are 10’s but not all of them have 10 point rides under their belts. The final finds us with the two women who were able to capitalise in the season’s maiden event. Lakey’s 10 in round 2 was Snapper barrel perfection, Steph’s 10 in the Quarters was hands down the best, most aggressive wave ridden by a woman this event, possibly ever?

The final came and Stephanie conquered. Steph won her first CT crown in years and nailed it in her backyard, Snapper. Speaking on behalf of local competitors Mick Fanning had exclaimed, “Someone had to do it”. She did it with the grace and flare we would expect from the champion; however, it could have been a different tale. Steph scraped through heats and beat the buzzers. The event showcased what could possibly be a very different women’s season. 

Is this the best year we will ever see for the women? 

Steph is back and ready for business. Lakey Peterson has shown she is a true contender with her speed down the line, we know airs are in this year, especially with coach Toledo in her corner. Tyler may have tumbled, but backing up is hard. Tyler she showed moments of brilliance, maybe she needed to support brother Owen letting him take the Wright reigns to make it further than anyone could have expected. 

Keely Andrews has a fresh face and an approach that truly tested the veterans in this event, along with Tattiana Weston-Webb’s explosive through the lip style these two young guns are in 10’s with intention. And, who could forget to mention the disappointed but not disheartened Courtney Conlogue, her surfing is a delight to watch fierce, fast and powerful. With Margies around the corner the women mean business, this season will be big and possibly different. Congratulations Steph! It’s so nice to see the women step it up.