We have given the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast enough pixels, and it’s time for us to look at the girls who will be performing at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast.  They are an exciting bunch, pretty and talented and determined. We're keeping our eyes on the following, for various reasons. 

Sally Fitzgibbons is determined to do well. She has the hunger, she has the experience, and she is sick and tired of not being number one. She is at the place in her life, the cross-roads, where another huge push is going to see her reap all the rewards that she deserves and that she has missed out on over the years, or she will turn off, slow it down and approach her career with a different perspective. Another big push could see her on the world title trajectory, and nothing better than a big start.

Sally Fitz gives it to a Manly end-section during the Australian Open. Photo: WSL

Sage Erickson has matured and her surfing shows more finesse, more polish and more style. Not to say that she wasn't polished and stylish, but of you were to compare her to the Sage that was bouncing around during free sessions at the Oakley Pro Bali in 2013, she is a new surfer. More compression, more power, completed moves and a good competitive temperament make up the 2017 package. 

Sage Erickson hit a vein of form last year and will be looking for a big 2017. Photo:WSL

Tatiana Weston-Webb has got so much going for her, but we love her gumption. When the pressure is on, she thrives with it and goes harder, fights back, digs in and doesn’t fall. She’s possibly at her most dangerous when the needs a good score, the times running out and there’s a set coming. That’s when her heart comes out onto the sleeve of her rashvest, and she gives it her all. The fighting spirit that will see her to victory, and what the spectators love to see. She also has a great sense of humour, with adds to her package. 

Carissa Moore has to be one of the best female surfers of all time at Snapper Rocks. When I saw her surfing live I wished I could surf like her. She is focused and determined, and although not the easiest person to interview at times, she is a ferociously competitive person and has the Snapper dynamics wired. 

Stephanie Gilmore has so much experience, and is smarting for another successful season. She could win the event very easily, and probably will. Her knowledge at Snapper is profound, her equipment has finally started looking like an extension as opposed to a piece of equipment, and she loves it when it gets round and serious. Steph is one of the most charming and nicest people to interview and if she were to win it would be a tip of the hat towards a world title hunt.

Tyler Wright is the defending champion and the current world champ. She has done the most important thing that any competitive surfer could do: she has figured it out. Maybe it was the help of Micro Hall that helped her gain understanding, maybe it was a deep seated need to win for herself and her brother that allowed her brain to work out the easiest path to victory, but either way it was her brain first an skills and talent second that led her to her first world championship. The scary thing is that if her brain has the route to a world title wired, then there will be absolutely nothing stopping her from getting another win at Snapper, and ultimately another world title. It’ll be a popular win too. 


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