I’ve got a proposition for the WSL. Allow for one wildcard at every event based on their current market popularity. I know it ain’t a new concept – the Hurley Pro Video Trials uses a similar system each year asking you to vote your favourite surfer into the event.

But I said every event. I give you The Jay Davies Clause. This year the West Australian juggernaut has been on a tear. At Margies he dismantled two world champs (Gabe Medina & Mick Fanning), and surfed his way from the trials all the way to the quarterfinals, winning hearts along the way. Plus there’s that P-Pass session, countless pipes at North Point and a recent jaunt to Java.

Fortunately someone is paying close attention. The WSL’s brains trust (Commissioner Kieren Perrow) has given the goliath a call up to the Fiji Pro after Simpo had to withdraw due to injury. It got me thinking; say you are so hot right now, why shouldn’t you deserve a shot in the big league?

Could you imagine if last year, the antithesis of modern professional surfing, Noa Deane, was offered a spot at Trestles? Shit would’a got cray.

Or how about if 17-year-old Tahitian, Matai Drollet, was given the opportunity to play chicken with battle-axe lips at Teahupoo just for the hell of it? I know you saw his wave (click here!) while shooting stunts for Point Break 2.0.

The rules are simple: No trials, just a good old-fashioned popularity contest. “Here you go son, show em’ what you’re made of.”

We wouldn’t have to pray for injury wildcards. You’d be tuning in, not tuning out. There would always be a joker in the pack! So I say, “Goodbye to vanilla. Keep dishing out those spoonfuls of Neapolitan KP!"