Issue 578 just hit stands and features Mason Ho on the cover along with a hilarious and insightful interview with Mase. Amongst other classic responses he tells us, "It’s my dream to surf like I'm at a disco.”

Mason Ho taking ownership of Tracks issue 578. On stands now.

In one of the questions we asked Mason how much he was influenced by his 63-year-old Dad, Michael, who is still a regular out at Pipe. 

I do everything pretty much because of my dad and I love trying to copy his style… For sure that’s why I surf the way that I do. And I’m around my dad so much that I’ve just heard so many stories about different people and I’m like ‘sounds cool’ I really want to surf like him and then I look into their surfing or bump into them or look at some of their old surfing on You Tube. That’s probably why I surf how I surf.”  

We did a little digging through the archives and wound up back in 1977 where Michael Ho graced the cover and was also featured in an interview/profile.


In the profile below, which appeared in the June 1977 issue, Michael is described as being a "remarkably energetic surfer with a great sense of fun." Michael also makes it clear to interviewer Paul Holmes what his priorities in life are. "Hey I'm only 19, all I want to do is surf, fool around in my dune buggy, play ping-pong, do whatever's happening and take life as it comes." 

Forty-four years later not much has changed for 63-year-old Michael, who still surfs more than almost anyone on the planet. Meanwhile, Mason has most definitely followed in his father's footsteps. Maybe we are not all blessed with Michael and Mason's talent, but The Ho's are living proof that if you really want to dedicate your life to having fun and going surfing you can find a way. 

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