Mason's Day Off

Mason Ho tackled Teahupo'o for the first time earlier this year and feel head over heels in love. The French Polynesian way of live, the people, the waves, it wrapped a spell around the lovable pocket rocket. Here's what it's like to live a day in the life of the Hawaiian and why he's one of the most versatile surfers on the planet.

Luke Davis in Velvet Joy

Californian Luke Davis is a unique character. A law unto himself, liberated from the sheepish vibration of modern surfing, flamboyant in and out of the water with an insatiable appetite for social media. He's also one of the most talented young surfers to come out of the golden state. Here is gets loose in limber in Indo to some fuzzy 80s tunes.

Velvet Joy from Luke Davis on Vimeo.

Slater & Head Judge Richie Porta break down that air

Every armchair critic, blogger and surfer has had an opinion about that air from Kelly Slater in round 5 at the Trestles Hurley Pro. Mainstream media even chimed in, lambasting the judges for the 4.17 despite the huge reaction it received from the public. Indeed it was critical, impossible and damn right freakish – all of what we’ve come to expect from the 43 year-old, 11-time world champion. Finally the WSL have sat down with Kelly, Commentator Ross Williams and WSL Head Judge Richie Porta to get the final word as they break down the judging criteria and give a blow-by-blow account of the move that rocked the world.

Tasmanian Pointbreak Perfection

This incredible drone footage from Stu Gibson of a perfect Tasmanian pointbreak is really something to marvel. The wave requires a huge swell for it to get going but when the elements align it can provide one of the longest leg burning rides of your life. It’s isolation and fickle nature make the rewards that much more satisfying, unless of course you’re the poor chap that gets burnt at the 0:25 – ouch!

Feel the Burn from stugibson on Vimeo.

BONUS! Dane Gudauskas Goes Outerspace

11-minutes of everything that's fun about the Gudauskas brothers. Watch them travel to Fiji, Mavericks, Iceland, tropical Tahiti and beyond. Plus it's cut to a very groovy soundtrack. Dig in!

OUTERSPACE from George Trimm on Vimeo.